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Chromium removal from groundwater


Summerford park has a treatment facility for chromium contaminated groundwater treatment. The facility was comprised of above ground treatment chambers and flocculaters which were supplemented by an overflow chamber filled with ZVI(zero valent iron). DRAM was utilised as a direct replacement for ZVI within the underground overflow chamber.


As the chamber was designed for overflow events, hydrological flow by definition was sporadic. At time of installation flow rate was 3L per minute. Chromium (VI) levels are also variable but relatively high in general (range 4000-10000ug/L) well above the EQS of 50ug/L.


DRAM was encased in biodegradable vessels and 400kg were put into the chamber. The vessels remained in situ for 6 months. Monthly sampling events showed little deterioration over this time. Upon removal both encapsulation vessels and the DRAM within were dried and sent for incineration.


As can be seen from the table (right) DRAM displays comparable performance to ZVI. The values shown are bi monthly and are compared with ZVI performance data supplied by the site operators from previous monitoring

Whilst levels of chromium showed minor variation between sample events DRAM treatment consistently lowered concentrations to below EQS levels (50 µg/L). This shows that DRAM is competitive on a performance basis when compared to ZVI as a treatment for groundwater contaminated with chromium.


Contamination of both ground and surface waters is particularly prevalent in central Scotland and given the well documented risks to human health associated with Cr(VI) is a priority for remedial action. However many of these sites are of little commercial value making low cost ameliorative options particularly attractive. DRAM has been proved capable of clean up to a sufficient standard to make further development worthwhile.


  • Rapid removal of metals from groundwater
  • Bespoke system that can fit into existing infrastructure
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Simple continuous flow system-no need for plant shut down
  • Safe to use
  • Cost saving/cost effective
  • Long lasting
  • Treatment system causes no environmental damage

For more information on metal remediation please see our fact sheet DRAM metals. More information on DRAM organics is also available. DRAM can also remediate metals and organics simultaneously, for more information on how this amazing new technology works please see our fact sheet: DRAM a technical overview.

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