DRAM® Waste Water Treatment

  • In-line waste water treatment
  • Novel and integrated solution
  • Work with and enhance existing processes
  • Streamline wastewater treatment and enhance commercial and environmental sustainability
  • “green solution” to industrial wastewater challenges

The Epona Technologies waste water treatment solutions are a turn-key and integrated in-line water treatment facility - as can be seen in the installation at Peterhead Harbour above, the water to be treated is fed in on one side, treated in the deployment device and released once compliance is met for legitimate discharge into the harbour. Prior to this installation, the company contracted a waste disposal firm to remove the waste by tankering for off-site treatment. In the first 6 months of use this has saved the client around £60,000! With no tanker movement requirements, port safety and transport costs have also added to environmental sustainability of this deployment.

DRAM® Performance

Contaminant & DRAM removal Efficiency:

  • BOD Up to 95%
  • COD Up to 95%
  • Ammonium Up to 90%
  • Arsenic Up to 95%
  • Chromium Up to 99%
  • Copper Up to 99%
  • Chlorinated Solvents Up to 99%
  • Explosives Up to 99%
  • Mercury Up to 95%
  • Phenoxyacid herbicides Up to 99%
  • Uranium Up to 99%
  • Zinc UP to 95%

Contaminants Removed

DRAM® will remove:

  • copper
  • cadmium
  • zinc
  • chromium
  • lead
  •  arsenic
  • aluminium
  •  nickel
  •  mercury
  • tin
  • uranium
  • cobalt
  • 2,4 D
  • Dichloroprop
  • RDX, TNT
  • Diesel range organics
  • Petroleum range organics
  • Naphthalene
  • Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes
  • Carbon tetrachloride, chloroform


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