Water Remediation

Using a by-product from the whisky industry, Epona Technologies strips contaminants from waste water to pre-defined compliance values.

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Sustainable Resource

DRAM® uses a high quality by-product from the whisky industry as a base to remove pollutants.

The DRAM® Process

Ground Water Treatment

A DRAM® barrier deployed to prevent chromium contamination reaching a stream.

Ground Water Case Study

DRAM® Unit

DRAM® is a 'black box' technology, waste-water in, treated water out!

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Waste Water Treatment - by Epona Technologies

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Epona Technologies is a technology company that has been established to deliver the technology association with the “Device for the Remediation and Attenuation of Multiple Pollutants (DRAM®)”.

After seven years of technical optimisation, £800 k of research investment, engagement of intensive laboratory and field-scale trials, creation of a software support mechanism for decision making the team from the University of Aberdeen who pioneered DRAM® were able to launch their commercial company. In the Summer of 2011, The University of Aberdeen granted the sole operating licence to EPONA Technologies Limited for this technology. This company has been founded by the inventors of this technology who have further refined and developed its environmental applicability.

This technology enables clients to address fundamental problems in water management through-

  • The adoption of sustainable and cost-effective remediation of waste-water and groundwater
  • Using a bespoke service linked understanding client’s problem and developing a solution
  • Diversification in order to meet customer needs

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